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Here's two of the most comical sections from the dialog I'm writing,enjoy!

From Chapter 31

Derrick:I tried catnip once.
Kary:Yeah and mom smoked your ass for it!
Derrick:So sue me!I was 12 what did I know?How could I have known it wasn't garlic flakes when I put it on a burger and my fur fell out.
Flora:*thinks of a hairless Derrick and giggles*Uncle Ricky would be funny wiff no hair.
Andy:*pictures it*Hahahahah!
Jessica:*sniffs the air*Hey…I smell…roses.
Sarah:*sniff*I do too!
Scarlet:*gazing outside*Petties!
Sarah:*follows her daughter's gaze*Well I'll be!We've got a rose garden!
And indeed there is a garden of roses just a few feet from the pool.These roses are unlike any they had seen.The petals,black and violet.The stems a navy blue.Sabrina sets her pizza on her plate and wanders out the door to inspect the flowers.She plucks a few and brings them inside,the powerful aroma wafting through the room.
Flora:*breathes deeply*Mmm!They smewl almost as good as Auntie Sabrina!
John:*notices the way Sabrina stands with the flowers and picks up Kary's camera and takes a picture*I may be happily married,but I think as a friend I can say that you look…quite beautiful.
John lays the camera on the table for the others to see the picture.Sabrina's eyes were closed,her nose sniffing the roses and a warm smile on her face.The fading light outside gave off an almost mystical glow around her outline.
James:I see a promising career for you John.
Sabrina:Let's see?*walks to the table and peeks at the picture,blushing deeply*Did…you really see me like that just now?
John:*blushes*Um…*looks at Kary worriedly*
Kary:*notices his gaze*John,you have to stop being so bloody strict with yourself.I know you love me more than anything,and I know Sabrina is your dearest friend.I also know you won't cheat on me with her because you see her as your beloved younger sister so stop being so darn strict about your marriage and be yourself!*smiles sweetly*Besides,even though Sabrina probably still has feelings for you,her instincts and love for Terry.Cass and Nat wouldn't allow her to act upon them.
John:*blushes even deeper*
Sabrina:*blushes even deeper*I-uh-I don't-I mean-wait-*blushes EVEN DEEPER*
Sarah:*giggle*I haven't seen you THIS red since you fell face first into Grandma Chuska's tomato garden.
Kary:Well,since I seem to have shut you both down…*gets up and hauls John over in front of Sabrina*
John:*snaps out of it*What are you doing?
Terry:*giggles and grins*I know*whispers to Nat and Cass*
Cass:Oooh!Do it!
Nat:*watches excitedly*DOOO EEET!
Sabrina:D-Do what?*blushes as Terry,Cass and Nat get up and push her closer to John*
John:*face gets redder as the three girls cause Sabrina to bump against him*What are you guys doing!?
The others look at each other and grin,chuckling,then spring up and gather around the two friends,trapping them.
Kary:Since you won't let yourself be relaxed,I'm going to FORCE it!
Cass:YOU and Sabrina are going to KISS!
Sabrina:But I'm gay!
John:I'm married!
Everyone:TOO BAD!!!
Jenna:You both need to chill out.
Jessica:So Sabrina,get your feelings out by kissing him.
Nat:And John,relax your restraining.
Cass:You too are best friends and need to face the fact you love each other.
Kary:Now DO IT!
Everyone begins to push the two closer to each other until…
John:ALRIGHT!I GIVE!I'll try to be lax with myself…
Kary:Good,now Sabrina,your turn.
Cass:Just do it baby.
Sarah:I know from experience that it does no good to withhold feelings like you are.
Sabrina:*blushes and looks at John*……
John:*looks at her*
Sabrina:*as her emotions peak to bursting point,she forces her way out of the cage of her friends*I CAN'T!!!
Sabrina darts into the living room and sits in Julie's high backed chair,scrunched into a ball to still her pounding heart.
Sabrina:If I kiss him then what?I know I love him but I'm IN love with Terry and Cass and Natalie!
The rest of the group walks in,Derrick and Tom holding John.
Julie:Sabrina*walks over to her,swiping her claws along the fireplace,starting the fire and kneels in front of her*Sabrina you need to get your feelings out.If you bottle them up you'll hurt yourself AND the ones you care about.
Andy pads up next to the chair and puts a hand on Sabrina's leg…
Andy:Mom,I know you want to do it.But you don't want to hurt us do you?If you hold anymore back you'll hurt us anyway.
Derrick and Tom set John down beside Sabrina.
Tom:Think about it.How long have you held back one kiss?One for this fuzz ball,hm?
Sabrina:*touches the choker on her neck,tracing the outline of the skull*
Laura:You can't keep it locked up forever sweetie…
John:……*looks at Sabrina*……This is my fault…Now I know what you meant when you told me Sabrina had opened up to you the night I first went out with Kary,Sarah……Sabrina…
Sabrina:*looks at him*
John:*folds his arms*You were going to tell me you loved me that night,weren't you?
Sabrina:*looks at the fire*
John:……I'm sorry.
Sabrina:*looks at him again*Why?
John:*eyes close halfway*If I hadn't been so anxious to get to my date,you wouldn't be like this.We wouldn't be having this conversation……The one thing I'm not sorry for…
Sabrina:*puzzled look at him*
John:…*unfolds his arms and kneels down next to her*Is this
Sabrina blushes as John slides his hands to either side of her face and kisses her…After a moment,she gives in to her feelings and wraps her arms around him.The rest of the group claps and Scarlet giggles happily.When the two are done kissing Sabrina appears to be relaxed,less tense and softer than she was before.
Kary:I think it worked.
James:I believe that Eric once said this,so I'll repeat him and ask;Was there tongue involved?
Eric:….I said that?
Terry:*giggle*There was tongue involved.
Rebecca:You know this HOW?
Terry:Easy,I saw their cheeks rolling.
Kary:*chuckle*Then it DID work!He aint a bad kisser huh?Hehe!
John:*blushes deeper*Feel better?
Sabrina:*looks the other way,face turning redder than her skull choker*A bit…
Julie:Do it again.Only this time,you kiss HIM Sabrina.
Julie:Don't make me put you in the tub together*winks*
John:*blushes*It's Sabrina's cho-
His words are cut off as she holds his head and kisses him.
Sabrina:…*grins*Now I feel better*uppercuts John,sending him onto the couch*
Terry:Um*looks at the impression left on John's cheek*I thought you said you felt better?
Sabrina:Oh I do.But I haven't smoked him in a long time,*chuckles*besides,knowing him that probably took a load off his mind too…*flaps her hand out in front of her*Man that hurt!
John:*sits up and shakes his head*You and me both missy.
Kary:*stares at them both*
Kary:*bursts out laughing*I think we need to be like this more.
Eric:I think so too,I miss the old Phleas.
Derrick:You just miss not looking like an old man silver boy.
Eric:Says Mr Sandy fur.

From Chapters 38+39

Just then John's phone rings and Kary's on the other end.
John:Hey babe what's up?*Hey sweetie,Sarah wants you back here pronto and Jessica wants James back as well.He has to take care of something…hint hint.*Ah…okay*Also…you have to 'take care' of something*I love you.*I know,love you too,now get your ass back here*Aye aye ma'am.
James:What's up?
John:We have to head back,and YOU are going to have some 'business' to attend to once you get through the door,Jessie's orders.
James:*ears perk up and tail wags*How I love her…let me count the ways*high fives John*
After a speedy flight following a cab driver with a lead foot…
Andy:Hey moms!
Terry:Hey sweetie.
Cass:Have fun?
Andy:Yeah,thanks John!
John:Don't mention it.
Scarlet:Thanks Uncle Johnny!*hugs his legs*
John:That's no hug!*picks her up and tickles her*I think taking you for a flight and ice cream should get me a real hug!
Scarlet:Nyahahaha!*hugs him,nuzzling his neck*
Flora:*tail wags,and she jumps on him from the couch*Me too!
Andy:*looks at Sabrina and nods*
Sabrina:Ah what the hell*hugs John*
Wayne,Kary and Andy lunge at him and pin him in place,laughing.
John:*grunts*What's with the attack!?
Kary:I have news for you baby.
Wayne:And you are going to slap yourself silly for it you sly dog*pinches John's cheek…..(face one)….*
John:What news?And can I be released now?
Everyone lets go of him and Kary pulls him to the couch.
John:What's the big deal?Just say what's on your mind babe.
Kary:…*bites her lip*Now don't freak out…I'm still waiting for the results to get back,but…
John:Results?For what?Why would I freak out?Come on tell me!
Kary:………Remember yesterday?When I helped with your 'need'?
Kary:Well…after we uh,finished I went to the bathroom and found out something wonderful!
Kary:…I'm pregnant!
John:*jaw drops*Wh…wha……what?
Kary:You heard me.
John:…How did-but we used-unless-but I-I…oooh…
John faints suddenly and Kary giggles.

End of Chapter 38.…Yikes.

Chapter 39,

Sabrina:Something tells me he wasn't expecting that…
Kary:No*giggles again*I don't think he was.
Flora:Am I gonna have a baby sister?
Kary:If the results are positive…In about 9 months you will!
Flora:*hugs her mother*
Derrick:*pokes John's head*And what about him?He said he couldn't bear putting you through the pain of labour.How's he gonna react when he comes to?
Sam:My guess,happy but guilty.Happy he's going to be a father,guilty he broke his vow to save you from the pain.
Just then John bolts upright.
John:Ha-booba-yaya-aa-wha?…Must've been sleeping,thought you said you were-
Kary:Pregnant?If the results come back positive,yes.
Sabrina:*catches John as he falls over,about to faint again,and slaps his face several times*Snap out of it dope.
John:*bolts back up*BUT HOW!?We used protection!
Eric:That'd be my fault…ehehehe…
Eric:I figured you'd need to uh,relieve a certain urge,so I went into your room and poked a hole in one of…the uh…'protections'.
Eric:You heard me,as for WHY I did it,it was Sabrina's idea.
Eric:Oh stuff it.
John:*eyes twitching*HAVE YOU BOTH LOST YOUR MINDS!?
Sabrina:Look,you need to relax,alright?Now I would've had Nat and Cass give you a massage but they wouldn't have agreed.The only way I could think of to get you to relax was if you had something to take your mind off the affairs of the ASFA.And that's where I got the idea of rigging Kary's pregnancy.
John:…But I swore I'd never let this happen.I saw how Sarah was affected by Scarlet's birth,I can't do that to Kary!
Cass:*sits next to John on the couch and wraps her arms around his neck*Look,you may not like it,but it happened sugar.Nothing you can do now…nothing humane.
John:……But I-
Kary:*hushes him with a finger to his lips*Don't.
Cass:Besides!*rubs his shoulders*It'll give you a chance to relax.
Sam:…Just one problem……
Sam:Julie,can you take the kids into the kitchen and close the door?
Julie:Sure,come on children.
Andy:Why do we have to leave?
Julie:Grown ups need to talk about grown up things,come on sweetie.
After seeing them go into the kitchen and hearing the door close,Sam walks over to John and Kary with Rebecca.
Sam:Now,the doctors who did Becky's ultrasound said this to me and her,so I'll say it to you two as well.If and when you get the results and they are positive.You can't have sex.
Rebecca:If you have sex during the baby's development,you could damage it John.
Kary:Then how have you been getting by Sam?
Sam:*blushes*I'd rather not say*looks at Rebecca*
Rebecca:Just tell him,he needs to know hun.
Sam:*sighs and nods*
Sabrina:Oh boy…
Sam:…One of the ways I got by has her arms around your neck.
John:*looks at Cass*
Cass:*looks at him blankly and then smiles*
Kary:Aren't you four gay as Wayne and Frankie?!
Terry:…We made a pact.
Nat:We agreed to help the boys in the group,minus Eric since Scarlet had already been born when we found out what Becky told you,with their needs should any of their ladies get preggers.
Sabrina:Needs meaning your uh…urges*blushes*
Terry:Sabby was unsure about it,but I think secretly*ruffles Sabrina's hair*She still wants to bone a certain fuzzy male~~!
Sabrina:*blushes deeper*Shut up!
John:*eye twitching*You did what?
Derrick:So…I get Laura pregnant…I have to come to you four to remove the heat?
Cass:Same goes for James,Tom and Dan.
John:You actually WILLINGLY had sex with a MALE even though you're gay!?*jaw drops as Terry,Sabrina,Cass and Nat all nod*
Kary:So,what,does this mean you're all bi or?
Sabrina:Don't get me wrong,I'm gay…but…
Terry:*folds her arms*We're only doing this so we don't have to shoot our friends for becoming rabid animals.
Kary:*nods her head to the side*You say you're all still gay now but you won't after a night with John.
John:*blushes redder than the soviet flag*Broadcast it on the radio why don't ya!
Sarah:Nah,just find Mr Jeremy and watch him cry*giggle*
Rebecca:Please tell me incest isn't LEGAL for Animians…
James:The sexual contact between siblings,cousins and family members.Like John and Sarah,Julie and John,et cetera.
James:The library here has a collection of books describing sexual terms and positions,I rented one for light reading and research*holds up the…Kama…Sutra…oh boy*
Eric:……You've been reading that?
James:I've read it several times actually but*openes the book to a certain page*there's one position I just can't comprehend and-
Jessica:*plucks the book from his hands and reads the page in question*….*eyes widen*I'll show you tonight baby.
Dan:*looks at them both*HOOOOO!!!!
Just then the phone rings and Kary answers it.
Kary:Hello?……Yes this is Miss Foginst…Oh hello Dr Shack!…You have them already?
John:*whips around*No way…
Kary:…Yes I told him…he fainted…*snicker*Yes…Absolutely!…I-
John jumps over the back of the couch and grabs the phone.
John:What are the results!?……This is Mister Foginst,her husband……you mean…*drops the phone and his jaw*
Shack:Hello?I take it I'm on speaker so I'll tell the whole room,the results were positive.
John falls over and everyone cheers.Julie races into the room with the kids.
Julie:What's going on!?
Shack:I'll say again then!THE RESULTS WERE PO-SI-TIVE.
Kary:*picks up the phone*Th-thank you Dr Shack*hangs up the phone*…
Julie:Congratulations dear!
Flora:Yay mommy!
Kary:…John?*snaps her fingers in front of his face on the floor*John~~.
Sabrina:…I got this*walks over to him and picks up his tail*This isn't going to be pretty…*pulls the hair back on the frayed tip to expose the scarred skin underneath and licks it*
John:*howls and bolts to his feet*I'm a dad!Again!
Kary:And we are off sex.
Flora:What's sex?
Flora:……….Julie!How about you field that one.
Julie:Uh…*looks at Flora and the other two and pulls them back into the kitchen*
Derrick:But wait,if Sam gets 'help' from you four,and John now needs to get 'help' from you…how's that going to work?
Nat:…Isn't it obvious?
Cass:Nat and I go with Sam,Terry and Sab with John*grins*
Kary:Well,at least Flora will have a chance to sleep with her new baby brother or sister.
Kary:We have no choice love.
James:*tapping on the computer*Actually it says here only Animian women can't have sex during pregnancy.Human women are fine to have it.
Sam:*kisses Rebecca*I'm back baby.
Rebecca:*giggles and looks at John*Looks like someone's going to have a LOT of fun tonight~!
John:*blushes*Oooooh boy….
Eric:*pats his back*Good luck my dear friend.
Nat:*looks at the clock*Speaking of which…
John:Huh?*looks at the clock*Ohhhhh NO!
Cass:Ohhhh YES buddy!*grabs him by the arm*
Kary:Good luck honey,behave,and ladies?Be gentle.
Terry:*cheeks rosy*We will*giggles*
The four girls haul the shaking pussy cat upstairs and head for their room.
John:This really isn't necessary-I mean we really shouldn't-You can't honestly be serious!
Sabrina:Too late~!
The girls shove him into the room and slam the door shut behind them,locking it.
Cass:*walks him over to the bed and pushes him down onto it*
John:This…this is crazy!
Terry:Chill…most guys dream of being locked in a room with four hot girls.
Sabrina:Or are you prepared to take a bullet to the brain after you become wild from the heat?
Nat:*grabs his arms and pulls him up on the bed*I'll hold him girls,who's going where?
John:Wait what!?
Cass:Sabrina gets first go on top.
Sabrina:*blushes*Why me!?
Terry:As his best friend,you'll help him relax easier.
Sabrina:But I don't know how to-
Cass:*hushes her with a kiss*Just do what comes naturally.
John:*face is scarlet*
Nat:First thing's first though ladies…STRIP HIM.
Looks like John's gonna get hogtied,awwwwww yeah………Meanwhile…
Kary:*sips her tea*Wonder how it's going…
Flora:Why is daddy with Auntie Sabrina,Cass,Nat and Terry tonight instead of you mommy?
Kary:If Daddy and I sleep together,your baby brother or sister might get hurt.
Flora:Does he have to stay with them the whole 9 months?
Kary:I'm afraid so sweetie.
Jenna:Any names in mind for the baby?
Kary:Hmm…………Elijah if it's a boy sounds nice…
Flora:I hope it's a girl.
Andy:Hey!I'm outnumbered as is,I want it to be a boy…
Kary:*giggles*If it's a girl…I'm thinking Ilium.
Sarah:*nursing Scarlet*Isn't that the name of a deadly flower?
Kary:*nods*But I think it would be appropriate based on who it comes from,the baby I mean.
Derrick:Got a point there sis,if the kid ends up with your fire power,John's demon man thing and the bat wings bit…that'll be a scary combo.
Scarlet:*pictures a boy with bat wings,covered in flames with a monstrous snarling face and quivers*GIRL!It's less scary…
Sarah:*chuckles*I agree.
Eric:*jumps at the sounds coming from upstairs*I don't think he's enjoying it very much…
Sam:Oh believe me*chuckles*he's enjoying it.
Jessica:How do you know?
Rebecca:*lifts up Sam's shirt and shows his back*Have a look!
Dozens of claw marks cover his back.
Eric:…So he's yelling because…
Derrick:Lucky son of a bitch.
Laura:*drags her claws down his back*
Derrick:GRRRRAAAH!…DAMN I love you!*spins around and kisses her*
Dan:*chuckles and jumps as Candy grabs his tail*
Candy:*stroking Dan's tail*Wolfie man take his kitten upstairs.
Dan:With pleasure!*picks her up in his arms and licks her nose*Night guys!
Kary:*sighs and sets her head on her hand*This is gonna be a LOOOONG 9 months for me…
James:*turns around after reading an article*There is one thing that can be done to relieve the urges…
Kary:Which is?
James:Self stimulation.
Kary:…Say no more…
James:Or,if you're truly desperate for the touch of your lover…I believe Derrick would say it in code as 'going through the back door'.
Kary:I SAID SAY NO MORE!*blushes deeply*
Eric:*whispering to Derrick*Does he mean what I think he means?
Derrick:*reading glasses on reading the Kama Sutra,whispers back*Position 19,yep.
John:*panting*I'm………I'm good ladies……honestly………
Sabrina:*shoulders heaving*What do…you guys think?
Cass:*hair ruffled*……He's good.
Nat:*hair,also ruffled*Yeah.
Terry:*swallows hard*Yes…
John:*blushes*I feel like a bastard now…
Sabrina:*pats his leg*You're not,you're just the regular dope you always were.
John:Says the girl who just-
Sabrina:Shut it before I shut it for you.
Cass:Well…*stands up and grabs her brush*I know now why Kary loves you so much.
John:*blushes deeper*Can I go now?…I think I need a shower before going to bed…
Sabrina:You do know you're sleeping in here right?*licking her arm,smoothing out her fur*
John:I'm what?
Terry:Kary's orders.
John:And when did she tell you this?
Cass:About 20 minutes ago.
Nat:She called Terry and said there's a way for you to have sex,but it's rather dirty.
John:…I just bounced with four lesbians for 2 hours…Dirty's nothing.
Sabrina:Loose caboose.
John:…I'll be in the shower…
John leaves the room and the girls grin at each other…John walks into his room and grabs a towel and heads for the bathroom.As he closes the door behind him and sets his towel on the counter,he pauses and locks the door.
John:Wonder what they meant by 'loose caboose'…….*shakes his head*Not important,I need to shower.
As he steps in and turns the water on,he fails to hear the clicking of the lock on the door,the opening and closing of said door,and the clicking of someone relocking it.He doesn't notice the shower curtain being drawn back slightly and then…
John:Mmm…*lifts his face up to the water*
Kary:*wraps her arms around his waist*Did you have fun?
John:Jesus!*turns*You nearly gave me a heart attack babe!
Kary:*slides a hand to his chest to feel his heartbeat*Mm,anyway,I take it they told you?
John:Yeah…but what the hell is 'loose caboose'?
Kary:*whispers in his ear*
John:*eyes widen*That's…um…
Kary:Something I want to try.
John:…But,I thought you wanted me with Sabrina and the others?
Kary:I didn't say I wanted to try it in bed baby*hand slides lower*
John:*grins and turns to kiss her*I suppose I have enough lust left in me for one more go…
Kary:Good to hear*giggles*
…God I hate being a sentient being in this story…
Derrick:*looks up from his reading (Kama Sutra)*Ah,the sexy quartet of lesbians returns.
Laura:How'd it go?
Terry:*clears her throat*He was reluctant but it went well.
Cass:QUITE well*smirks*
Candy:So?How is he?
Candy:What?I need feed back so I can 'train' my black pet here*holds Dan's arm and nuzzles it*
I guess it would kind of help if I gave a setting and such!XD.Story follows the lives of 7 friends and their lives through middle school and high school.I drew the inspiration for it from the web comic Bittersweet Candy Bowl.Now at first it seems too similar,however I have a lot more plot changes in store that are sure to make up for that.I have a friend currently editing the original chapter 1 so once that's done I'll repost it.If any of you aspiring artists out there want to be a part of this,please don't hesitate to send me a note!
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Well,it took me roughly an hour but it's done.Chapter 1 of Phleas!It will be drawn and posted on dA on (DECISION OF ARTIST!PLEASE WAIT).

Chapter 1,The Study partner.

(John laying on the grass in a park)
John:*Sigh* Perfect day!
(Tom walks over)
Tom:Hey!Forgetting something?
(John sits up and looks)
John: Oh,hey Tom…um…what am I forgetting?
(Tom crosses his arms and raises one eyebrow)
Tom:What day is it?
John:*pause*….um……*shocked look*CRAAAP!
(Flip to Sabrina’s house,John walks up to her)
John:Hey Sabrina,happy birthday!*smiles*
John:Ahah…eheh…I’m in trouble aren’t I?
(Eric sneaks up behind Sabrina and gropes her butt)
Eric:Hey babe,happy birthday.
Sabrina:Yeek!*unimpressed look at Eric*
Eric:Aww,c’mon,lighten up.It’s your birthday!
Tom:Hey,happy b day Sab!
Sabrina:Thanks Tom………thank you John.
Eric:What about me babe?
Sabrina:You grabbed,my ass.
Eric:What?It was part one of your birthday gift,and part two is even better.*winks and puts hands on her hips*
Sabrina:You forgot the birthday ‘bashes’.
Eric:What!?I’m not gonna hit a girl like you,even if it is your birthday.
Sabrina:No,I meant yours *bops him on the nose*
Eric:*nose bleeding*Hahaah,that’s my girl,playing hard to get.
John:Hahaha,well we better get going or we’ll be late for school.
Sabrina:Alright,see ya boys.
Eric: Dude,there’s like what,2 weeks of school left?I say we skip.
(Jenna trots up with James in tow)
Jenna:Hai guys!Happy b day Sabby!Hey Tommy <3
Sabrina:*blushing slightly*Don’t call me that.
Jenna:Uh,why is Eric’s nose bleeding?
Tom:Hehe,why da ya think?Now let’s motor before we get our hides busted!
(They all start walking towards their school)
James: So,we have 2 weeks,5 hours and 12 minutes left of school,we made it!
John:Haha,what’re you so happy about,we all know you’re gonna hate going to high school.
James:Auugh,don’t remind me!*trembling*I’m going to become a locker filler,first day just watch!
Tom:Ehhh I doubt it,once they hear you’re with me they won’t touch you.
Sabrina:How’re you gonna help him?You’ll be too busy showing off to the Senior girls.
Eric: Oh man,Senior hotties!High school’s gonna be awesome!
James:I still can’t comprehend how you could be so excited about girls.
Eric: Dude,what are you gay?
James:I most certainly am not!I’m merely confused as to why you get so enthusiastic about Senior high school girls and yet you hardly show the same reaction to girls of our current school,aside from Sabrina and Jenna.
Eric:Ahh,what can I say.I dig the chicks,and they dig me.
John: Says the guy who always gets smacked *snicker*
Eric: Shutup jerk bag!
(arguing continues)
Sabrina:Yeah Tom?
Tom:Where did we find Eric again?
Sabrina:Heh,be damned if I know.
(Tom looks at her questioningly)
Tom: Say,you seem down in the dumps today,it’s your birthday what’s up?
Sabrina:Nothing,just a little ticked John nearly forgot.That’s all.
Tom:Hm,uh oh.One sec.
(Eric and John are at each other’s throats,Tom pushes them apart and lifts them up by their scruff)
Tom:Guys,we ARE near the school y’know.Teacher sees you scrapping like that and you’re both fried.
Jenna:He’s right,break it up.
(They make it into the school,day proceeds as normal,flip to lunch room)
Sabrina:Great,2 essays due the last week of school.So much for a relaxing birthday.
Eric:I think I know how to help you relax.
Sabrina: Does it involve you eating the floor?
John: So,what are you planning to do tonight for your birthday?
Sabrina:I figured I’d just stay up and watch movies in my pjs.
(Eric gets a mischievous grin on his face and a thoughtful look)
(Sabrina notices)
Sabrina:Get it out of your head buster.
Tom:Haha,why do you even bother man?
John:Yeah,pretty much every guy in school except me,James and Tom has hit on Sabrina with no luck,what makes you think you’ll win?
Eric:I’m better looking!
Sabrina:Keep touching my ass like you are now and you won’t be.
(Jenna slides up close to Tom)
Jenna: Soo,any plans tonight Tommy?<3
Tom:Training,high schools got a wrestling team and I’m getting in no questions asked,hehe.
Jenna: Sure you don’t wanna come over to my house instead?
John:Why don’t you save it for high school Jen.There’ll be plenty of buff guys come football tryouts.
Jenna:Why would I want them when I have Tommy?<3
Tom:*clueless look*
(bell rings)
John:And so,back to the chair.
Sabrina:*whispering* Um,John?Can I talk to you for a sec?
John: Oh,sure.
(corner of the lunch room)
John: So what’s up?
Sabrina:Would you mind,um*blushing* coming over to my house tonight to help me with the essays?
John: Oh,uh,sure!
Sabrina:Thanks,*hugs John quick then walks away*.
John:*surprised look after the hug*Uh,heh,see ya.
(End of chapter one)
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Here's the info on the Phleas gang.


Our moderately gothic female protagonist.This purple Burmese enjoys watching horror movies and giving pervs a broken nose.Just ask Eric!She seems to be a tomboy but has some very un-masculine hobbies.Even though she shows no apparent interest in John,her well orchestrated dislike of him and his nature masks a growing affection,one that will probably show….later on.


Kind,intelligent,and very active,this Abyssinian has an acute sense of others.He can tell how someone's feeling simply by speaking to them for a few short seconds.As our male protagonist he does his best to protect Sabrina from harm,despite her loathing of his chivalrous actions.Half the time being mauled by the girls of his neighbourhood and school,he shows an interest in old machinery and exploring.


A mildly perverted,sports enthusiastic Red Fox and a hilarious friend,he is always trying to get a date,whether it's with Sabrina or another girl even though he's prone to rejection or getting pounded.Despite his constant rejection he never gives up,and has a nasty habit of groping his feminine companions….Especially Sabrina.


This somewhat vain pop diva in progress is blindly in love with Tom,despite the fact he never pays much attention to her…A fashion expert and skilled runner,this intelligent Dalmatian is a photogenic socialist who never stops trying to cheer up her friends when they need it.


A bodybuilding bonehead,this Bulldog never fails to impress the ladies with his muscles.A prodigy in gym he always takes tutoring from Jenna,always grateful for her help and ever oblivious to her love of him.His brutish appearance is just that.He is a skilled botanist with a deed to a small park near a lake where he and his friends hang out together.


There isn't a book in the library this Siamese cat hasn't read or isn't currently reading.With an I.Q of over 175 he's clueless when it comes to women but always a noble gentleman.He holds the title of chess champion and is a nerd by all standards.He quite often asks John about women,as he never knows what women are talking about when they flirt with him.


A game-obsessed inventor,this Korat is the owner of the local pet daycare.Owning several pets of her own she is fluent in six languages besides English,such as Horse,Bovine,Avian,and Spanish.Aside from being oblivious to her gorgeous appearance,she is the head of the acrobatics team of Warner High.She was dubbed "Strangest but hottest girl in school" in 2009 by half the male population of her high school.
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Hi,I'm Jay.This is a written 'script' you could say of a comic I'm working on.Since I earlier found I can't draw for crap,I'd like to give a sample to you fellow deviants in order to get some volunteer artists.The comic,in my head at least,is similar to Bittersweet Candy Bowl…
Here's a sample of the script:

(John laying on the grass in a park)
John:*Sigh* Perfect day!
(Tom walks over)
Tom:Hey!Forgetting something?
(John sits up and looks)
John: Oh,hey Tom…um…what am I forgetting?
(Tom crosses his arms and raises one eyebrow)
Tom:What day is it?
John:*pause*….um……*shocked look*CRAAAP!
(Flip to Sabrina’s house,John walks up to her)
John:Hey Sabrina,happy birthday!
John:Ahah…eheh…I’m in trouble aren’t I?
(Eric sneaks up behind Sabrina and gropes her butt)
Eric:Hey babe,happy birthday.
Sabrina:Yeek!*unimpressed look at Eric*
Eric:Aww,c’mon,lighten up.It’s your birthday!
Tom:Hey,happy b day Sab!
Sabrina:Thanks Tom………thank you John.
Eric:What about me babe?
Sabrina:You grabbed,my ass.
Eric:What?It was part one of your birthday gift,and part two is even better.*winks and puts hands on her hips*
Sabrina:You forgot the birthday ‘bashes’.
Eric:What!?I’m not gonna hit a girl like you,even if it is your birthday.
Sabrina:No,I meant yours *bops him on the nose*
Eric:*nose bleeding*Hahaah,that’s my girl,playing hard to get.
John:Hahaha,well we better get going or we’ll be late for school.
Sabrina:Alright,see ya boys.

I'll submit a description of the characters in a later journal entry.
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